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resin trap in water treatment


UBO offers resin traps (or media traps) that are prevention devices on water treatment system lines to ensure against complete loss of media in the event of a failure. A resin trap is used on service outlet and backwash lines on ion exchange units, high purity water systems, and activated carbon and media filters. The resin trap is activated by escaping media at the onset of a failure, and the media that collects in the resin trap blocks water flow and extensive loss of media.

 Resin traps are designed and installed to prevent the loss of media in the event of underdrain failure, lateral failure and strainer failure. Typically resin traps are placed between units, after a unit or in the backwash line and stainless steel construction for unobstructed viewing. They have a resin/media blowdown valve for trap cleaning and media retrieval and three end connection options: threaded, socket or flanged. Resin traps have high flow rates with low-pressure loss and a clean trap pressure drop of less than 2.0 psig.