Filter disc

What is Pleated filter


Pleated filter is often made by the screen filter layer, the inner or outer support layer folded into other components with the filter shell, the central rod and the end cover
By welding technology or argon arc welding or welding, seam welding, seam welding and other processing technology, Pleated filter does not contain any adhesive,
No leakage, there will be no two pollution.

Characteristics of Pleated filter:

1, excellent chemical compatibility, suitable for the filtration of acid, alkali and organic solvent
2, the filter membrane for folding deep filtration, membrane filtration area
3, the pressure difference is low, the capacity of pollution, long service life
4, there is a wide selection of filtering accuracy

Pleated filter technical parameters:

1, model: zpp-10 zpp-20 zpp-30 zpp-40
2, size: 10 inch 20 inch 30 inch 40 inch
3, filtration accuracy: gas 0.2 M liquid 0.2-5.0um.
4, cartridge diameter: 10-60MM
5, the pH value of the trial: 1-12
6, the highest temperature is not higher than 60 DEG 0.1Mpa.
7, the maximum working pressure: 0.3Mpa 50
8, the maximum back pressure difference: 0.2Mpa 25
9, the maximum disinfection temperature: 120 degrees every half an hour

Common Pleated filter scope of application:

Pharmaceutical industry: pre filter various antibiotic and other medicines for impurity removal, food and beverage industry, wine, mineral water, drinking water
Fine filtration for the removal of solid impurities and viral particles in aqueous fluids. Oil industry: oil field water injection filtration
Electronics industry: high purity water pre filtration
Chemical industry: all kinds of organic solvent, acid and alkali liquor filter