Filter disc

Resin accident in a mixed bed for SS filter nozzle


1 .accident consequences: (1) the total exchange capacity of the mixed bed will be reduced and the water production capacity of the mixed bed will be reduced. (2) If the leaked resin enters the desalination tank and then enters the thermodynamic system, the PH value of the boiler water will be reduced rapidly, and if the leaked resin is not treated in time, the acid corrosion of the boiler and even the tube burst of the water wall will be caused.

2. accident phenomena: (1) the height of resin layer in the mixed bed can be observed from the view point of the mixed bed. (2) The pressure value indicated by the pressure gauges at the inlet and outlet of the mixer is higher than the normal value when resin is running at the bottom. (3) When the amount of resin running at the bottom is large, the resin can be discharged from the water sampling port of the mixed bed, and the resin can be discharged from the sewage outlet of the resin trap. (4) resin can be found in the middle row drainage when running resin.

3. cause of the accident: (1) the filter nozzle of the mixed bed is cracked or the water cap thread is loose. (2) a large number of ion exchange resins are broken. (3) the middle row device is damaged.

4.processing methods: (1) replace the damaged water cap after pouring out the resin in the mixing bed. (2) tighten the loose filter nozzle. (3) If the resin is broken, the resin should be thoroughly backwashed to remove the broken resin.

5 .precautionary measures: (1) use a reliable ss filter nozzle. (2) when installing the ss filter nozzle, ensure that each ss filter nozzle is properly fastened. (3) Measures to prevent resin breakage: Mixed bed operation speed should not be too high; regeneration to air mixing step, mixing time should not be arbitrarily extended; reserve resin should be kept in storage without loss of moisture; use of resin of reliable quality.