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Main application fields of stainless steel welded wedge wire pipes


Stainless steel welded wedge wire  pipes are mainly used in heat exchanger tubes, fluid pipes, pressure pipes, mechanical structural pipes, urban landscapes, and other industries, with an annual consumption of about 700,000 tons. The demand for industrial stainless steel welded pipes is relatively high, and the production process is mature. At present, the amount of stainless steel wedge wire welded pipes for industrial use in China is about 150,000 tons, and some of them still need to be imported.
        From the perspective of domestic stainless steel pipe products, the steel grade is mainly austenitic steel; the product varieties include: seamless steel pipe including cold drawn pipe, cold rolled pipe, hot extruded pipe, centrifugally cast pipe, spinning pipe; welded pipe includes : Pipe welding such as plasma welding, argon arc welding, submerged arc welding, light speed welding and high frequency welding. The stainless steel pipes that can be produced basically cover the specifications of various countries in the world. The specifications and varieties of stainless steel shaped pipes are more than 100 kinds. The product uses many fields of industry and civil use. However, in general, domestic stainless steel pipes have a certain gap with market demand in terms of varieties, specifications and quantities.