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Introduction of stainless steel v wire filter nozzle


UBO Company has improved the R&D and production of UBO brand high quality stainless steel v wire filter nozzle many times through more than 10 years'cooperation with major power plants. This product has passed the certification of the State Power Corporation (formerly the Ministry of Electricity) SK001403-13 and executed the Ministry of Petroleum Industry of the People's Republic of China. Standard SY5182-87. It is widely used in power plant (ion exchanger), cathode bed, balcony bed, mixing bed, chemical industry, oil well, natural gas well, water well, sand control, coal, metallurgy, paper making, food, environmental protection and other industries. 

filter nozzle

 filter nozzle

Advantages of stainless steel v wire filter nozzle

Our company summarizes the inherent weaknesses of traditional plastic water caps, such as high resistance, pressure drop, pressure resistance, poor anti-aging performance, etc. By introducing advanced foreign technology, high-strength stainless steel material production and manufacturing. Selected 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 0Cr18Ni9, 316L Hastelloy and other materials, with a solid structure, tensile and compressive strength, uniform cracks, long-term use of small deformation characteristics, while having high strength and corrosion resistance of good performance, and can work at high temperatures.

filter nozzle

Brief introduction of stainless steel v wire filter nozzle material

304 stainless steel v wire filter nozzle is currently the most widely used stainless steel drainage device, because its anti-rust performance is stronger than other series of materials, high temperature resistance is also better, can be as high as 1000-1200 degrees. 304 stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance and good intergranular corrosion resistance. When the chromium content is low (but higher than 12%) and the carbon content is high, it is easy to form martensite when the alloy is cooled from high temperature, so this kind of steel is called martensitic stainless steel.

316stainless steel v wire filter nozzle is often used in places where the environment is more stringent. The corrosion resistance and high temperature strength of 316 stainless steel are greatly improved by adding Mo element. The high temperature resistance can reach 1200-1300 degrees. It can be used under harsh conditions. Because of adding Mo, the corrosion resistance, atmospheric corrosion resistance and high temperature strength of 316 stainless steel are special. Not good, can be used in harsh conditions; excellent work hardening (non-magnetic); excellent high temperature strength; solid solution state non-magnetic; cold-rolled products with good gloss, beautiful appearance; relative to 304 stainless steel, the price is higher.