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Desicription for stainless steel filter nozzle


Although the unit price of stainless steel filter nozzle is several times higher than that of plastic water cap, its advantages far exceed its value. After replacing the stainless steel filter nozzle, it will almost not be damaged and has a long service life. Stainless steel filter nozzle is widely used in water treatment equipment of chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and other industries. It is the key component of water treatment equipment and water distribution equipment.
The stainless steel V  filter nozzle produced by our company can be called handicraft in appearance. The slot is uniform and the error between them is small. The deviation of more than 90% is between (+) 0.025, and the deviation of less than 10% is between (+) 0.05. Slot is 0.2 to 0.5, circulation area can be from 330 to 750, not affected by temperature, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, long service life, easy to replace, safe and environmentally friendly and reliable advantages, can replace water treatment equipment factory widely used laminated plastic filter nozzle and other old-fashioned products. Plastic filter nozzle is poor in strength, pressure, temperature and aging resistance, especially the weakness of poor strength, easy to break, bringing hidden dangers to the safe operation of equipment. The stainless steel filter nozzle produced by our company is helpful for users to solve the worries caused by the original plastic filter nozzle.

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