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wedge wire Cylindrical Strainers
wedge wire Cylindrical Strainers
  • Category:Wedge Wire Screen
  • Material:stainless steel
  • Properties:wedge wire screen
  • Application:Filtration

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wedge wire Cylindrical Strainers

Ubo manufactures customized cylindrical strainers for filtration equipment:


·         Inline strainers

·         Basket strainers

·         Automatic backwash strainers

·         “Y” strainers


These strainers can be designed for various flow directions, both outside-to-inside filtration as well as inside-to-outside filtration.


Outside -> Inside Filtration


Standard: External circumferential wire and axial internal support rods. Can be used in filter cartridges, diatom candle filters, header laterals, rotating sieve screens, nozzles, resin traps and more.


External axial wire: External axial wire with internal circumferential support rods. Used in automatic filters.


Channel rod construction: Perforated U-section channels replace the internal support rods. When the screen is used as a collector, flow is outside-in. When it is used as a distributor, flow is inside-out. Used in potable water treatment, ion exchange and oil refining applications.


Inside -> Outside Filtration


Inverted: External circumferential inverted wire and axial internal support rods.


Internal axial wire: Internal axial wire with external circumferential support rods. Used in trommel screens with internal feed, systems with an internal rotor or screw, dewatering systems, baskets and automatic filters.


Internal circumferential wire: Internal circumferential wire with external axial support rods. Used in screw presses.

The direction of the flow is determined by the position of the surface profiles in relation to the support profiles. Wedge wire screens are either flow-out-to-in (FOTI) or flow-in-to-out (FITO)