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Wedge wire screen laterals
Wedge wire screen laterals
  • Category:Wedge Wire Screen
  • Material:stainless steel 304,304L,304HC,316,316L,321,430
  • Properties:wedge wire screen
  • Application:water treatment,oilfield,mining,food industry,chemical industry,papermaking industry,decoration.

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Wedge wire screen laterals

Wedge wire screen laterals

Product details:

Wedge wire screen laterals

Material:stainless steel 304,304L,304HC,316,316L,321,430 or as per your request.

Wire diameter:  1.5x2mm,2x3mm

Screen length: 0.5, 0.8, 1, 1.2,meters or according to you .

Pipe length:1.5, 1.8, 2, 2.5,3 ,5meter.
Diameter:50 ,80 ,90, 110, 120 mm

Application  water treatment,oilfield,mining,food industry,chemical industry,papermaking industry,decoration.

Surface treatment: polishing ,chroming 

Product structure : wedge wire screen ,pipe , cap.

characteristics:High filtering accuracy , High strengh and durability


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 Wedge wire screen laterals

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