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SS vee wire welded sieve bend screen
SS vee wire welded sieve bend screen
  • Category:Wedge Wire Screen
  • Material:stainless steel 304,304L,316,316L,321,430 or as per your request.
  • Properties:Sieve Bend Screen
  • Application:solid-liquid separation and recovery. Especially for beer waste water, papermaking wastewater, slaughtering waste water, juice processing wastewater

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SS vee wire welded sieve bend screen

The dewatering capacity of a SS vee wire welded sieve bend screen is primarily influenced by the screen width, the slot opening, and the wire size (width). The chart below shows typical dewatering capacities in US gallons per minute (GPM) per foot of screen width. Actual capacity varies depending on the feed content and desired efficiency.

Screening efficiency and solids capacity are directly related to the length (arc length). Longer arc lengths should be considered for feed containing a high percentage of solids.

sieve bend screen

Feature of SS vee wire welded sieve bend screen

A continuous slot opening which significantly increases the available open area, thus providing a greater access to the water bearing zone.
A 'V' shaped wedge wire which avoids clogging and ensures uninterrupted flow.
A uniform and efficient well development due to the continuous slot opening.
Offering great strength. precision, long service life.

Application of SS vee wire welded sieve bend screen

Wedge wire arch sieve bend screens are manufactured to suit a wide range of industries such as Sugar, Coal Mining & Quarrying, Mineral Processing, Cement, and Industrial & Urban Effluent Treatment etc. Wedge wire arch sieve bend screen are also used as a pre-filter in urban & industrial waste treatment plants to improve the performance of the clarifier by drastically reducing the load. Widely used for fiber removal in Starch industry.

sieve bend screen