Filter disc

Rotating Sieve Screens
Rotating Sieve Screens
  • Category:Wedge Wire Screen
  • Material:stainless steel 304,304L,304HC,316,316L,321,430 or as per your request.
  • Properties:wedge wire screen
  • Application:filters, strainers, architectural screens, water treatment underdrains, media support grids and overlays, infiltration gallery screens

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Rotating Sieve Screens

Rotating Sieve Screens are placed in a housing, inline with the flow to capture expensive media from traveling downstream. We can design the Drilled screen Cylinder to capture media particles of any size. With the continuous open slot, the traps provide sufficient open area to let process flow move smoothly thus minimizing pressure loss through the system.
Your resin trap can be designed to suit either new or existing strainer bodies.




Advantages of the Rotating Sieve Screens:

1. Screens with high open area are more suitable for the construction of high-quality water wells and gas wells.
2. Low cost operation.
3. Reduce the abrasion of the pump.
4. Extend the life span of wells, low-carbon, Galvanized or stainless steel construction

Construction for wedge wire screen for Filter Support Cores:

1. We use wedge-shaped profile wire in order to make the slot v-shaped. It can stop the impurities very well.
2. The wedge wire was welded on the support wire well-proportioned and have perfect roundness. Ensure the screen have bigger filter area and non obstructive, avoid the high concentration of impurities.
3. After work for a period of time, the filter can be back flush.It can use for many times.