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Cossette Screens
Cossette Screens
  • Category:Wedge Wire Screen
  • Material:stainless steel 304,304L,304HC,316,316L,321,430 or as per your request.
  • Properties:wedge wire screen
  • Application:water-treatment , water well drilling ,oil well drilling ,mineral processing, coal-cleaning plant

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Cossette Screens

The Cossette Screens is made up of rods and wire. The rod can be round wire, triangular wire or trapezoid wire. The warp is triangular wire (V-shaped wire). Sieve bend screens have a structure and high open area, as well as accurate slot dimension. At the same time, sieve bend screens have heat-resisting, anti-corrosive, good machine capability, last long, safety and reliability and so on characteristics. It can be used in many kinds of medium filtering.

The Cossette Screens have another name as DSM sreens,a sieve bend consists of a concave curved profile wire screen mounted in a frame with the screen openings perpendicular to the flow. A curved screen has greater capacity than a flat screen due to forces exerted as material flows against the curved surface.

cossettle screens


Applications of the Cossette Screens

The Cossette Screens are used in various food processing applications as well as for the de-watering of waste water in meat, poultry and vegetable processing industries.
It can be used in the starch industry,water-treating equipment,the environment protection,the running water treatment,water softening treatment,the liquid filters and so on the organic solution recycling filters.

  • A continuous slot opening which significantly increase the available open area, thus providing greater access to the water bearing zone.
  • A “V” shaped profile wire which avoids clogging and ensures an uninterrupted flow.
  • A uniform and efficient well development due to the continuous slot opening.
  • Ladder-like wire welded screens have a strong structure and high open area, as well as accurate slot dimension.
  • Ladder-like wire welded screens have the features of easy backwashing, last long, safety and reliability as well as low comprehensive cost.