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stainless steel pleated filters
stainless steel pleated filters
  • Category:Stainless Steel Filter Element
  • Material:Stainless Steel wire mesh304,316,316L
  • Properties:Stainless Steel Filter
  • Application:Filtration,Air Filter,Hydraulic Filter

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stainless steel pleated filters

Stainless steel Pleated filter elements are made of quality stainless steel woven wire cloth with micron opening. The alternative filter media can be sintered fiber web.
Stainless steel Pleated filter elements enjoy the characteristics of long life span, easy cleaning, low cost, etc. Stainless steel pleated filter elements we manufacture are widely used in chemical fiber, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, pharmaceutics, machinery, metallurgy, ceramics, dispose of sewage, foodstuff and beverage, cosmetic etc.

Main filter media: Stainless steel sintered fiber web and stainless steel wire woven cloth

Advantages of stainless steel pleated filters

High dirt holding capacity;

High reliable standard specifications;

Low pressure drop due to high porosity;

Accurate filtration rating.

Filtration rating available (micron) : 3,5,7,10,15,20,25,30,40,60
Any outline size available according to customer's requirement.

Construction of stainless steel pleated filters

• All the joints are available in Welded as well as adhesive joint.
• Wire mesh pleating with SS Sintered Fiber mesh is also available.
• Welding type is electron beam welding permanently joints the filter media , end and core.
• Each layer of the filter media is metallurgical bonded.

stainless steel pleated filters