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pleated fuel filters
pleated fuel filters
  • Category:Stainless Steel Filter Element
  • Material:Stainless Steel wire mesh,synthetic fiber
  • Properties:Stainless Steel Filter
  • Application:Filtration,fuel Filter,Hydraulic Filter

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pleated fuel filters

The Ubo range of pleated Fuel/Lube Oil filters has been developed employing the latest technology in pleating and assembly process in order to provide high levels of efficiency and product reliability. And, no matter how diverse the application, there is a product to meet your fuel and lubrication filter requirements.

Our fuel filter range takes advantage of the latest high efficiency, pleated felt and glass fibre media to provide an exceptionally high dirt holding capacity, ensuring long service life.

Range of pleated fuel filters

• Standard - Polyester Needlefelt Media for normal Fuel and Lube requirements
• High Temperature - Aramid felt for Heavy Lube Oil
• Mineral Oil - Micro Glass Fibre
• Aggressive Fluid versions are available, metal components having a phosphate finish
• Coalescer - for the separation of water droplets in Fuel and Lube applications that can cause final products to be off specification.

Feature of pleated fuel filters

 Stainless steel weaving wire cloth made by weaving of stainless steel wire and pleated filter elements ensure the goodness of high strength, easy to clean, high heat-resistance, and economic for customers.

The shape and size can be defined according to your requirements.

 Applications of pleated fuel filters

• Mining
• Printing
• Aerospace
• Marine
• Diesel Polishing
• Offshore mining & gas exploration

We can supply alternatives to main brand O.E.M. Cartridges.

          pleated fuel filters