Filter disc

pleated air conditioner filters
pleated air conditioner filters
  • Category:Stainless Steel Filter Element
  • Material:polyester fibre,Galvanized mesh
  • Properties:stainless steel filter
  • Application:Filtration,Air Filter,Hydraulic Filter

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pleated air conditioner filters

pleated air conditioner filters

Adopt high efficiency paper filter element, catechin, anti-sensitive, vitamin C, aromatics, active carbon, photocatalyst, cold catalyst, nano silver to make HEPA filters. It has the function to purify and absorb the odor substances, for example, ammonia, fluorine, formaldehyde, methanthiol, hydrogen sulfide etc, but also has the superstrong power to kill stubborn bacteria and fungus.


pleated air conditioner filters Property:

1).Broad-spectrum function: absorb and kill the bacteria

2).Long residual action: No effect change for the fabric with nano silver being washed 1000 times

3). Safety: non-toxic, harmless, no sensitive reaction.


pleated air conditioner filters Application:

1). Central air conditioner, air HFPA purifier, air cleaner, auto cabin, Fragrance machine etc.

2). Medical nano silver masks, exposure suits, hygiene necessities.


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