Filter disc

hydac replacement hydraulic oil filter
hydac replacement hydraulic oil filter
  • Category:Stainless Steel Filter Element
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Properties:Stainless Steel filter element
  • Application:solids/water removal

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hydac replacement hydraulic oil filter

hydac replacement hydraulic oil filter,



1. Construction


As the core of the filter, it is the filter element which performs the actual filtration and/or dewatering function in the housing.


They consist of several pleated filtration and support layers which are placed as a cylinder around or inside the stabilising support tube. These mesh packs are sealed by the endcaps.


Regardless of the type of filter, flow direction through the filter elements is from out to in.


Depending on the filter material, the filter mesh pack is encased in an additional outer plastic sleeve.


2. Description


Direction of flow---------------------------from out to in


Element description---------------------with or without valve


Element type-------------------------------D, R




High contamination retention capacity


High pressure stability values


Good flow fatigue strength


Low initial differential pressure


Low cost with high quality

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