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Stainless Steel perforated Pipe & Strainers
Stainless Steel perforated Pipe & Strainers
  • Category:Stainless Steel Filter Element
  • Material:Stainless steel 316
  • Properties:filter strainer
  • Application:Filteration Mesh

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Stainless Steel perforated Pipe & Strainers

Stainless steel perforated pipe with cutting edge technology,which is manufactured with carbon steel or stainless steel,used for the application of oil reservation layer without much sand or application of prevents the rock bits dropping off the well bore.

Made from Stainless steel suitable for both fresh and salt water.

The Stainless steel perforated tube above can be cut to any required length. and will readily fit to relevent size uPVC pressure pipe fittings or our range of flexible rubber connectors

Characteristic of Stainless Steel perforated Pipe & Strainers

1. Easy to processing molding
2. Can spray paint or polishing
3. Good sound-absorbing effect
4. Super abrasion resistance
5. A precise size

Application of Stainless Steel perforated Pipe & Strainers

1. Construction, decoration equipment shell
2. Non-slip
3. Noise barrier sound-absorbing board
4. Speakers of the heat shield
5. Mechanical screen plate etc.
We offer perforated pipe with more options and less cost. Equipped with computerized-programmable feed systems, we will expand your custom design options.

         Stainless Steel perforated Pipe & Strainers

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