Filter disc

Metal mesh filter cartridge

Metal mesh filter cartridge
  • Category:Stainless Steel Filter element
  • Material:Stainless steel 316L
  • Properties:filter strainer
  • Application:Filtration

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Metal mesh filter cartridge Material: iron wire, galvanized wire, black wire
Filtration precision: 2-150 micron
Structure: flake, Cartridge, tube, tubular shape, the goblet, bowl, plate, tapered, T shape, Cap shape, cylindrical clavier, Housing
Features of the metal mesh filter cartridge:
High-pressure, high temperature and chemical corrosion resistance, good air permeability, high dirt holding capacity and long-life service time, can repeat use by clean
Applications of the metal mesh filter cartridge:
Metal mesh filter cartridge is mainly used for the filtration of air, the medium cleaning and flow control of lubrication oil, hydraulic pressure and air pressure system.

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