Filter disc

  • Category:Stainless Steel Filter Element
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Properties:Stainless Steel Filter element
  • Application:fine specifications for fine filtration

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Twilled weave

Twilled mesh gives the smallest apertures for monofilaments as well as a smooth mesh surface, whilst the larger material diameter gives higher levels of mesh stability. To pass through the mesh, particles must negotiate five offset pore levels. This means that even elongated, thin, rod-shaped and filamentary particles are reliably retained.

These meshes are used at fine specifications for fine filtration such as pressure filters in hydraulic steering equipment and fuel filters in critical applications. Coarser specification twilled meshes are used in pressure and vacuum filtration (disks, battery and drum filters) and as a porous medium for fluidised bed applications.

Plain weave

These meshes feature a lightly textured surface and are characterised by extremely high flow rates and minimal loss of pressure.

They are used for alluvial filters and filter candles with increased mechanical loadings.


This stainless steel filter mesh offers high flow rates and advanced dirt removal capabilities.

These meshes are used for oil and fuel systems, mainly where advanced dirt removal capabilities and high flow rates are required, for the protection of steering and injection jets as well as friction bearings.


These meshes are characterised by high flow rates due to increased porosity. They can be compared with smooth weaves, but due to consistent material diameters in both warp and weft directions they are suitable for applications with high mechanical loading.

Typical applications include alluvial filters, filter candles, vacuum filters and tube filters.


These meshes are characterised by high flow rates. They are suitable for increased mechanical loadings and have a lightly textured mesh surface.

Duplex meshes are commonly used in applications such as pressure and vacuum filtration as well as filter candles.

Square weave mesh

Im  Gegensatz zu den Tressengeweben sind die Drähte bei diesem Typ auf Abstand gewoben. Dadurch ergeben sich offene Maschen, die das Fluid gradlinig durchströmt. Äusserst geringe Durchflusswiderstände und eine besonders gute Rückspül- und Reinigungsfähigkeit zeichnen diese Gewebeart aus.

Eingesetzt werden die Quadratmaschengewebe für Schmutzfilter bei geringem Differenzdruck, bei Rückspühlfiltern unter anderem in Verbindung mit Verbundgewebe.


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