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stainless steel sintered mesh hydraulic in line oil filter
stainless steel sintered mesh hydraulic in line oil filter
  • Category:Sintered Filter
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Properties:Sintered Filter
  • Application:remove the metal powder

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stainless steel sintered mesh hydraulic in line oil filter

stainless steel sintered mesh hydraulic in line oil filter

material.: stainless steel

working temperature: 320°C

working pressure: 25MPa

filter efficiency: 99.99%

cover meterial: carbon steel or stainless steel

end: SOE or DOE

dimension: customized

filter medium: glass-fiber, stainless steel,stainless steel sintered mesh,etc

filter material:stainless steel sintered mesh, glass fiber filter paper.
filter precision: 1-100um

stainless steel sintered mesh hydraulic in line oil filter

Hydraulic oil filter

Hydraulic oil filter, which is used to remove the metal powder in the wear and other mechanical impurities of impurities.

It can maintain the oil line cleaning, long life time.

It is for the petroleum, chemical, power and so improve the filter

Filter material

Mainly of stainless steel sintered mesh filter material, glass fiber filter, stainless steel mesh, etc.


1.High accuracy

2.Large dirt holding capacity, long life

3.Corrosion resistors, high voltage

4.large flow area



1.High quality oil filter elements

2.High quality with good price

3.World wide popular oil filter




0090 R 020 BN/HC                 0500 R 010 BN/HC                        0150 R 020 BN/HC

1300 R 010 BN/HC                 0280 D 200 W                                 0280 D 010 BH/HC

0140D010BH/HC                   0330D005BN/HC                           0201 RK 010 MM

H/FA-D 465404                      0160D010BH/HC                           0330 R 100 W/HC 

0950R020BN/HC                    0660D010BN/HC                           0660 D 010 BH/HC

0330D005BH/HC                   0240 D010 BH/HC                         0660 R 020 BN/HC/-B6 

0075 R005 BN/HC                0240 D 010 BN/HC                          0030R020BN/HC

0240 R 010 BN/HC               0110 R 010 BN/HC                          0110 D 010 BN/HC

0030 D 010BH/HC                0160R050W/HC                              0060 R 010 BN/HC

0060 D 010 V                         0060 D 010 BH/HC                          0110 D 010 BH/HC

0500 D 010 BH/HC               0160D 010 BN/HC                         030D 010 BN4HC

0140 D 010 BN/HC                0060 D 010 BN/HC                         0330 D 010 BN/HC


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