Filter disc

Polymer Filter Element
Polymer Filter Element
  • Category:Sintered Filter
  • Material:SS 304,316,316L, Stainless steel and carbon steel.
  • Properties:Sintered filter
  • Application: waste water filtration, pulp and paper as well as mineral processing applications. Wedge wire or profile screen half cylinders can be added to an aug

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Polymer Filter Element

     The Polymer Filter Element adopts sintered stainless steel fiber felt, has high-pressure, high temperature and chemical corrosion resistance. It also has good air permeability, high dirt holding capacity and long-life service time can repeat use by clean, is the ideal filter element for petroleum, chemical and synthetic fiber industries.

Application for Polymer Filter Element:

Polymer Filter Element is mainly used for macromolecule polymer filtration, high temperature gas filtration, hydraulic system filtration, high-precision ink filtration, pre-filtration of high-precision membrane, catalyst carrier and regeneration, food, drink and pharmaceutical.

Characteristics for Polymer Filter Element :

1. Good Gas Permeability
2. Good Resistance to Corrosion, Heat, and Abrasion
3. Homogeneous Pore Distribution, High Filtering Precision
4. High Flow Quantity per U
5. Good Chemical Resistance
6. 100%, It is made of 100% stainless steel, with back flushing function
7. Adopt woven SS mesh as filter cartridge, with high gas permeability, large dirt holding capacity, and long service life.

Technical Parameters for Polymer Filter Element:

Working Pressure≤31.7Mpa
Working Temperature≤300oC
Medium Viscosity≤260Pa.S
Allow Pressure Drop≤10Mpa
Dirt Holding Capacity≥16.9~41Mgcm2

Polymer Filter Element