Filter disc

Bronze powder sintered Filter tube
Bronze powder sintered Filter tube
  • Category:Sintered Filter
  • Material:Bronze powder
  • Properties:Sintered filter
  • Application:Filtration

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Bronze powder sintered Filter tube

Bronze powder sintered filter tube are made of bronze,stainless steel and titannium ball or irregular powders.This filter elements via high temperatures sintering process to be any shape by the moulds.


Bronze powder sintered filter tube are widely used in chemical,pertroleum,metallurgy,air carft,gas,electronic,pharmacy,pneumatic,air regulator components,pressure filter elements,air filters and etc fields.




1.Filtering of Solid & Liquid


2.Filtering of Liquid & Gas


3.Filtering of Gas & Liquid


Filter Rating:


Bronze powder sintered filter tube have different aperture,porosity and filter rating,the general filter rating are 0.1micron to 80micron.




1.Working Temperature:-200—1000°C


2.Corrosion Resistance


3.High Filtering Efficiency


4.Metallic capacities, such as noise reduction,hot resistance,heat conduction,high strength and etc


5.Easy to welding and long working life


Filter Shape:


Could be cartridge filters,disc filters ,cup filters,cap filters,filter palte and etc.



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