Filter disc

Plain steel filter cloth packs
Plain steel filter cloth packs
  • Category:Filter Disc
  • Material:Plain steel
  • Properties:Filter disc
  • Application:Filtration

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Plain steel filter cloth packs

Plain steel filter cloth packs
3.Material:SS wire mesh
4.various shape and high quality


Plain steel filter cloth packs Packing&Delivery:

Packing:waterproof paper inside,carton outside or as required

Delivery:according to your order quantity


Plain steel filter cloth packs Specifications:

Professional Filtering mesh packs(for gas,liquid and liquid)
1. Neat and precise
2. Regulate
3. Hot-resistance
4. Precise.


Plain steel filter cloth packs Material: SUS 302 304 304L 316 316L etc
Application: It is widely used in filtering of gas and liquid, separating of oter medium, precise stress filter, fuel filter, vacuum filter, etc. And it is widely used in the field of petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, rubber, tryre production, metallurgy, medicine and food. It also has different sizes and bears the advantages of acid-resistance, alkali-resistcance, hot-resistance, high tensile strength, wear-resistcance, etc.

1. Neat and precise, without bug.
2. Regulate and precise mesh
3. Reliable filtering precision
4. High compressive strength
5. Hot-resistance and rust-resistance
6. Wear-resistance
7. Good moulding                                               


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