Filter disc

Micronic Stainless Mesh filter disc
Micronic Stainless Mesh filter disc
  • Category:Filter Disc
  • Material:Micronic Stainless Mesh
  • Properties:filter disc
  • Application:Filtration

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Micronic Stainless Mesh filter disc

Micronic Stainless Mesh  filter disc weaving Material: stainless steel and aluminum plate


Weaving: plain and  twill or dutch weaving.


Feature of Micronic Stainless Mesh  filter disc: Acid-resisting,heat-resisting,wear-resisting and oxidize-resisting.


Sharp of Micronic Stainless Mesh  filter disc:rectangular or square,ring type wire belt and other filter fittings according to the specific requirements of the customer


Application:it is widly used in petroleum industry, chemical industry,environment protection,mine industry,airspace industry,paper-making, eletronic industry,metallurgy industry,food industry,pharmacy,etc.


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