Filter disc

Horizontal Leaf Filters
Horizontal Leaf Filters
  • Category:Filter Disc
  • Material:stainless steel wire mesh
  • Properties:Filter disc
  • Application:Filtration,industry

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Horizontal Leaf Filters

The horizontal leaf filter is a fine filtration equipment of high efficiency, energy conservation and sealed operation.

The horizontal leaf filter mainly consists of rotating device, machine, filtering disc, upper and lower sealed machinery, main shaft, and dump structure. Several filtering discs of the filter are all installed flatly on the main shaft, so that the entire filtering system is on the sealed machine. When the filtration is in process, the filtering machine is filled with all the to-be-filtered liquids, then they are flowing into the central main shaft through the disc and are discharged from the exit, so that the clean filtering liquids can be obtained. When the filtration is completed, the motor will drive the rotating device, so the main shaft and the filtering disc can rotate at high speed, and discharge the residues with the function of centrifugal force.

It is fully sealed, with no leakage and environmental pollution. The filtering disc is designed horizontally and the filtration cake is formed stably, with very good filtration effects. The residues are discharged centrifugally, which make the dump cleanly and rapidly and applicable to a number of adhesive materials. The filtering net can be cleaned easily and do not need to dismantle. It also covers little area, and has convenient operation, and the entire filtering process can achieve thorough automation.

Advantages or Horizontal Leaf Filters

1, Fully hermetic filter , no leakage, no pollution.

2, Filtering gauze flakes can be pulled out automatically, and easy to be inspected and cleaned.

3, As the leaves filtering on both sides, large filtration area and solids holding capacity can be obtained.

4, Automatically residue discharging by which labor can be largely reduced.

5, Controlled by hydraulic thus automation is to be.

6, A large filtration area and large solids holding capacity can be obtained .

Application of Horizontal Leaf Filters

It is widely used in the liquid-solid separation in the industries of pharmaceutical, chemical, soda manufacture and foodstuff, as well as the recycling, cleaning, drying and regeneration of syrup filtration.

        Horizontal Leaf Filters


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