Filter disc

Copper filter disc
Copper filter disc
  • Category:Filter Disc
  • Material:Copper
  • Properties:filter disc
  • Application:Filtration

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Copper filter disc

copper multimesh filter discs


It is high quality and filtration capacity , precise fitting filter elements,  optimum cost-performance ratio , constant quality control during production etc. It is widely used in melt filtration.



copper filter disc      



 round shape, rectangular shape, toroidal shape, square shape , oval shape, other special shape


We can produce

with one layer or multi-layers;

with or without borders ;

with compressed edges.  




Round shape

diameter 44 to 600mm

toroidal shape

inner diameter 18mm to 250mm,  outer diameter 50-350mm

rectangular shape

width 50mm to 100mm, length 60mm to 400mm




packed in plastic film, outside is wooden cases.


When ordering, please specify 

 1. material

 2. mesh  

 3. layer number and size

 4. surface finish

 5. order quantity